Yogi—Awarded Best in Show (January 2015)

Testimonials deco Thanks for our Tucker, for who you are, and for all your support! My husband and I bought our Biewer puppy from Kathy in July 2015. We were very timid, at first, about getting a puppy from someone we didn't know at all. We checked around with other breeders, and was told Kathy is a good breeder. When we went to Kathy's home to meet her, we immediately felt very at ease as she is very nice, very honest, and we feel she is very ethical . . . a very good person—the kind of people we wanted to get a puppy from. We had no prior knowledge of Biewers, but seeing her adults and puppies, we knew we were in the right place. We fell in love with all the dogs and puppies she had, and we ended up with a baby boy named Tucker.
As he was soooo tiny, we didn't know how to take care of him, but Kathy gave us all the support we needed! During the first week, we must have called Kathy several times a day as we were inexperienced puppy parents, but Kathy supported us all the way, and we have the best puppy—playful, smart, loving, and excellent traits.
Even after 5 months, Kathy is still there to help us with all our questions!!! We are so happy to have such a great puppy, and to have met such a great person. We knew we didn't get a middle-of-the-road puppy, we got an excellent puppy. We love our baby boy; he has very good traits and we know these come from good, healthy bloodlines.
We absolutely feel blessed to have Tucker, and to have stumbled on meeting Kathy. Thanks, Kathy, for everything—for our Tucker, for who you are, and for your continuing help and support. We love love love our Biewer from you!!
Mary, Redmond, WA, November 2015

Bo BirthdayBo's Birthday
Thought you would like to see the pictures.
He is a delight!
Well-socialized with all sizes of dogs and people.
Have given several people your website because they are so taken with him. He is just 5 pounds.
My cat and Bo get along very well. They have different play games from funny chase to peek-a-boo from under the bed.

Myfanwy, Seattle, WA, August 2015

Abbott is so much fun!!I just wanted you to know how much we love this little guy!!!! He’s so much fun. He’s still a crazy puppy but now he’s turning into a snuggle bug. After he eats and runs in the morning, he loves to just snuggle in my lap while I’m surfing the net. I think we’ve got the potty training done too! Abbott’s just doing great!!!!!
Monica, Gig Harbor, WA, August 2015




New Puppy New Puppy for the New Year! I purchased a puppy from Great Scotts Biewers for the New Year (2012). Our puppy “Billie” has a sweet demeanor and provides endless joy to our household.
Debra, Seattle, WA, January 2012

I have Oscar's Littermate!! I was at Great Scotts. There is no other cleaner, well kept, nicer, ‘kennel’ in Washington. This is my 2nd Biewer from Kathy. There will be a third. Oscar was excited and more vocal than my new Biewer Greyson. Oscar was the more dominate puppy, but both of them bowed to Benson, my year old Biewer from Kathy. Kathy also stated, as my friend and I were there, we had to be careful with Oscar because he was being flown with a courier, and wanted him in perfect shape! I WILL ENCLOSE PHOTOS OF GREYSON THIS WEEKEND. I spent many hours with him and his littermate before I chose Greyson and I couldn't be happier!
Madeleine Anne Asbury, Bremerton, WA (2011-2013)

We purchased a puppy from Kathy 2 yrs ago and are extremely happy! Kathy was wonderful to work with! She sent pictures often to ease the waiting for arrival. She called regularly after we got our puppy to see how we were doing. What struck me was that Kathy honestly cared that you were happy and followed up to see that you were. She really loves her fur babies and her knowledge of this little breed is amazing! Her research and dedication to learn more, incredible! Our little girl came to us a healthy, beautiful, confident,well socialized, and very pre-spoiled bundle of joy! My picture wall is growing again as we are awaiting our 2nd Biewer from Kathy. Know that this one will be perfect also!
Pam, Minnesota, April 12, 2011

I purchased a wonderful female Biewer from Kathy. Her description of the dog prior to purchase was right on. I flew to Washington to get my dog so that I could see the conditions that she was raised under. Kathy's home was lovely, everything she told me about my puppy was honest and true. My puppy was healthy, pretty and very well socialized. You could tell a great deal of time was put into her care. I can't say enough good things about Kathy and her loving care. I would not hesitate to buy. I have purchased two dogs from this breeder. It was an easy, honest and enjoyable experience. The dogs are healthy and happy. This breeder has a wonderful environment for her puppies. I would buy a puppy from this breeder again!!!
Angela, Olympia, WA (2011-2013)

Great Scotts Biewers Make Our Home Happy! We are the proud owners of three of Kathy Scott's dogs and could not be happier with our “little ladies.” They are happy, healthy and heartwarming and get along well with their three big (breed) brothers. All three sleep with us, with one always under the covers! They are up for adventure and take well to traveling, as long as they can be with their people. They truly have a wonderful disposition and have a way of making one feel like the center of their universe. This was my first small breed experience and Kathy did a terrific job of preparing me for life with one of these sweeties, and then I got more! I was able to visit the kennel, see the beautiful set up in Washington, and really get the sense that the puppies are very well socialized. Kathy was always fair in the financial dealings. I look forward to many long, happy years ahead with my Great Scotts Biewers, and know that I will not hesitate to go to Kathy Scott when I want to get another Biewer.
Shelby, Florida (2011-2013)

Nothing but the Best Treatment I have purchased 2 biewers from Kathy and consider myself very fortunate to have found her. She and her husband are great to work with. I have the dogs that most people dream about. They arrived per a delivery person and were exactly as represented. As beautiful, as healthy, as outgoing as anyone could want. VIVA Great Scotts Biewers!
Kim, Atlanta, GA (2011-2013)


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