Great Scotts Biewers welcomes you to our website.

We, my husband and I, were among the earliest breeders of Biewers in the U.S.

Great Scotts Biewers is in beautiful northwest Washington, along a lovely creek, and we would love to have you journey through our constantly growing and changing website.
January 2018—Great Scotts Biewers: A New Year, A New Beginning

    As this New Year begins, I believe my followers and those who have long-shared in the story of Great Scotts Biewers—whether as pet owners, other breeders, or co-participants along the show-ring trail—should hear from me personally.
    I started this New Year with a new inner peace and restored spirit, for myself personally. In general, too, I have a renewed dedication toward preserving and improving the Biewer bloodline, as well as promoting the breed for the enjoyment of others.
     Over the past two years, Great Scott Biewers participated in the dog‐show ring less frequently and the number of puppies were less available as I needed to devote more time at home as my husband’s health deteriorated. He finally lost his long, hard-fought battle soon after the loss of his son. Closely following these losses, my dear friend and dog‐breeding partner became seriously ill; she succumbed to her illness within only a few months.
    I am very grateful for the messages of support and loyalty that I received during those long, sad months. Throughout everything, of course, the Biewers in my life—“my loves”—stood by, faithfully. As the grieving eased, two opportunities appeared: a new breeding girl (Monaya) from Russia and a wonderful little boy (Winnie the Pooh) from Latvia. These two will expand the bloodline enormously and they could not be more beautiful! (I hope you have time to look at Our Boys and Our Girls website pages to check out these new additions to Great Scotts Biewers. In addition to Monaya and Winnie, you’ll see some other new faces representing show-ring and breeding kennel additions.)
I look forward to seeing you throughout the upcoming year.
Thank you, again, for your kindness and thoughtfulness,

〜Kathy Scott

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Kathy Scott
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